Vehicle Options

A modern saloon car, suitable for 2 people, which offers a comfortable ride, seat belts, good suspension and air-conditioning is ideal for city transfers and shorter journeys and represent great value for money.

For itineraries with longer road journeys the larger Toyota Innova is thoroughly recommended for up to 3 people with baggage (plus driver), as having tried various vehicles ourselves, we have found that this is the most comfortable and reliable option. The vehicles are a maximum of 3 years old, are cleaned, well maintained and serviced on a regular basis and breakdowns are extremely rare. (Please note that a vehicle of a similar standard may occasionally be substituted if for logistical reasons your choice of vehicle type is not available.)

For small groups, then a Tempo Traveller minibus is the suggested mode of transport, unless you prefer to rent an Innova per couple, or an Innova to share, with a smaller vehicle to carry the baggage.

Luxury vehicles are also available by request such as Mercedes ML, Mercedes GLS, and Audi Q7.

All the vehicles are air-conditioned, fitted with seat belts and are stocked with bottles of mineral water, tissues, confectionery/biscuits and bacterial hand wipes.

Your personal driver is intrinsic to the enjoyment of your trip and the majority of them are non smokers and non drinkers. All the drivers we use are very safe, and are given excellent feedback by our clients. They take great pride in looking after you and ensuring you get the very best out of your trip.

Driving in India

If you are on a holiday with your own allocated private car and driver, the driver is the only person permitted to drive the vehicle. Please DO NOT drive the vehicle yourself at any time. We take no responsibility whatsoever if you do so and you may suffer all kinds of legal, insurance and police problems if you were to be apprehended. The drivers are given strict instructions that they are not permitted to allow anyone else to drive their vehicles, so please do not compromise them in asking them to do otherwise.

(If you choose to drive any other car or motorbike in India, you will need a valid International Driving or motorbike License, and the requisite insurance. Please note that we take no responsibility whatsoever for any driving that you choose to do for any type of vehicle, or for any incidents or accidents that may occur as a result.)

Travel Insurance

It is a condition of booking that adequate travel insurance is taken and it is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately covered by insurance. We will request you to please provide us with the name of the Insurance Company, the policy holder’s name, policy number and their 24 hour emergency contact number. Please note that your Travel Insurance must be valid from the time of booking to ensure that cancellation cover is in force should you, for whatever reason, need to cancel at any time prior to travel. Do not travel without travel insurance, as the unexpected can always happen. Please read your policy and take it on holiday with you. Cover should include medical expenses and repatriation in the event of accident or illness. In addition, we strongly recommend that you have cover for personal belongings, delay at your outward or homeward point of departure, personal liability, overseas legal expenses and cancellation. If you are undertaking any sports or adventurous activities, including trekking, mountain climbing or scuba diving, on your trip you should also make sure that your policy covers these. Please also ensure you read the policy conditions and exclusions.


It is essential that you see your GP or a travel clinic before booking your trip and before travelling to make sure that you have taken all the necessary health precautions. Some vaccinations require more than one visit with a period of weeks between injections. You should visit your GP at least six weeks before departure. For up to date medical advice you may wish to use the Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad (MASTA). It is your responsibility to ensure you are properly vaccinated for your trip.

MASTA Traveller’s Health Brief: Before travelling abroad, you may wish to visit www.masta-travel-health.com to obtain a ‘Health Brief’ specifically tailored to your journey. Your brief will give information about immunisations and malaria as well as any Foreign Office advice and the latest health news. Other health information services are available, including www.nathnac.org and www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT): The majority of international airlines now issue advice on how to lessen the risk of DVT. However, if you have any concerns, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

Pre-existing medical conditions/Disabled passengers: It is essential that you advise us before booking if you have any disability or pre-existing medical condition which may affect your holiday, or any special requirements as a result of any disability or medical condition (including any which affect the booking process) so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the arrangements and/or making the booking. It will also enable us to make sure you receive the relevant level of assistance when you fly.

Full details must be confirmed in writing at the time of booking and whenever any change in the condition or disability occurs. You must also promptly advise us if any medical condition or disability which may affect your holiday which develops after your booking has been confirmed.

The nature of some of the locations we travel to means they may be unsuitable for those who are wheelchair-bound or have a lack of mobility. However, we will be delighted to discuss the feasibility of creating a tailor-made itinerary for you that takes into consideration your level of mobility. We may request that you provide a letter from your doctor confirming your fitness to travel.

High altitude: If your itinerary includes sections where the altitude exceeds 6,000 feet (approx. 2,000 metres) and if you suffer from circulation, heart or respiratory problems we advise that you consult with your doctor before confirming your booking.

Smoking: Airlines do not permit smoking on the aircraft.

For those travelling with a private car and driver, all vehicles are no smoking and we respectfully request that this is honoured. Stops can be made to enable you to smoke. In such instances, please ensure you remove your cigarette butts, and protect the countryside from potential fire hazard.

The private homestays and small hotels house rules also do not permit smoking in the rooms in most instances.

Mosquitos and Climate: Apart from any malaria medication you choose to or are advised to take, we strongly recommend that you use mosquito repellents on your ankles, neck and arms, especially at dawn or dusk when we advise you not to sit outside for the relevant hour or so, especially near garden foliage or still water, where mosquitos tend to gather.

During the months of November to March, the climate is cooler than other times of the year. April and May tend to get much warmer with the following month of June seeing the start of the monsoons that prevail to October. Obviously we cannot accept any responsibility for the weather conditions at the time of your visit. ( In general, Kerala and Goa tend to have much more humid climates than Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Mumbai or North India).

Health and safety standards: We recommend that you follow a few precautionary health and safety procedures.

  • Always check where the nearest fire exit is and how to raise the fire alarm.
  • Do not enter a swimming pool before checking the water depth first.

Passport and Visa Information for British Citizens:

Passengers must hold a passport which is valid for at least six months following the return date of your holiday. British passport holders (full British Citizens) currently require Indian visas, in advance of travel. Non-British passport holders should check with their own embassy, as well as the Indian embassy, as visa requirements may be different to those of British passport holders. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation and visa stamp(s).


All UK visitors to India must obtain a valid visa prior to arrival. The standard tourist visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and allows for either single or multiple entry into India. Additional conditions may apply to non-UK passport holders – ie those who originate from other countries eg. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and those of certain professions eg. journalists, musicians and other performers.

E – TV (e Tourist Visa) If your itinerary is eligible, (ie for trips of less than 60 days) you can obtain an online Indian E Tourist Visa (ETV) which allows for single and double entry non extendable for up to 60 days stay in India. It is currently limited to passport holders of certain countries, including the United Kingdom, and depending on the purpose of the trip. For details visit the India E visa website on www.indianvisaonline.gov.in. Then click on the E-TV tab. Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of departure from India, with at least 2 blank pages in the passport. Applications can be made in advance, up to a maximum of 124 days, and a minimum of 4 days, before departure date.

Non British citizens and holders of non British passports should check with their Embassy regarding Indian Visa Requirements. You must apply for a visa in good time. If a visa is not granted then we cannot accept any liability for the consequences, and reserve the right to pass on to you any charges incurred as a result, including cancellation charges.

Important Note: It cannot under any circumstances be guaranteed that your visa application will be accepted. If your visa is not granted, for whatever reason, the visa fees are non refundable. However, in our experience refusals are extremely rare.

Failure or inability to obtain all required visas, for whatever reason, will result in your travel having to be cancelled. In this event, we reserve the right to pass on to you any charges incurred as a result, including cancellation charges.

Visa information is given in good faith and is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Travel Advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice Unit monitors all overseas destinations and offers safety advice to British travellers. To view the advice you can visit www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice.


Flight amendments: Special ‘inclusive tour’ fares are normally used when your air tickets are purchased from the airlines. While these fares are very good value they are inflexible in terms of changes and offer no refunds once the tickets are issued. Once your flight is confirmed the airlines will charge an amendment fee or insist on the purchase of a completely new ticket if you make changes.

Internal flights baggage allowance: The baggage allowance on internal flights in India is less than on international flights, and hence you may be liable for overweight charges if you exceed the local limits. The allowances on internal flights are 15 kg in Economy Class (depending on the airline), and 30 kg in Business Class, even if you are transferring to or from an international flight.

Special Dietary Requirements

Special diets should be advised as early as possible, and requested when accepting the itinerary arrangements. We will advise the hotels and airlines of your request but we cannot guarantee their availability. If you have an airborne nut allergy you must make us aware at the time of booking as most airlines require this information in advance of travelling.

Accuracy of Information

We thoroughly check all the information that is included within our website and individual tour itineraries. However, changes do occur and errors are occasionally made. Airlines may change their schedules, roads may close and government regulations may alter. Should there be any changes to the travel arrangements you have booked we will do our best to keep you informed of the situation prior to departure.

Travelling in Other Countries

Many destinations in other countries have attitudes, infrastructure, priorities, lifestyles and cultures which are very different from our own. This is often the very reason to visit the destination but certain aspects may be frustrating. We always advise that the first thing you should pack is your sense of humour, together with a ton of patience and an open mind. This can prove invaluable when travelling over rougher roads, waiting for a delayed aircraft and communicating with people whose first language may not be English.

Data Protection Act

We will hold your name, address and any other details you supply us with on our database. This information will be used to make your travel arrangements and to send you information about us. In order to make your travel arrangements we will need to pass your details to companies and individuals outside the EU where less stringent data protection controls may be in place. We will not pass on your details to third parties for any other purposes.