If you are travelling to India for the first time, JARVIS JOURNEYS is heaven sent. If you are already a lover of all things Indian and are looking to have that love rekindled, JARVIS JOURNEYS will ensure that will happen.

We should know, as between the four of us travelling together for two weeks through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, we qualified for both descriptions, and over a month later, we still haven’t stopped smiling and laughing as we recall our wonderful memories.

Many a travel agent has the necessary expertise and experience to offer a successful and enjoyable holiday, but Vivienne Jarvis’ personal history has offered her a very special take on South India, which she enthusiastically uses and selflessly shares with you. Vivienne managed, with seeming effortlessness, to take the realisation of our combined hopes and dreams way beyond expectations. Her thoroughness and attention to detail before and during our holiday was a major factor..

However, her trump card is unique to her. Vivienne has an authoritative confidence and huge warmth that has obviously been conveyed to and therefore is now shown by everyone who took care of us, from our thoughtful, gentle driver to happy home owners and resort managers alike. All of whom performed their roles with kindness, efficiency and a natural eagerness to please, only to then double it on announcing their association with Jarvis Journeys!
Let’s do it all over again.

Mr & Mrs Edward Fairbairn
Mr & Mrs Jonathan Leiserach
Putney, London


This is the second time that we have used Jarvis Journeys for our trips to India and both times JARVIS JOURNEYS has been amazing and produced a holiday to truly treasure.

Three years ago we went to South India and, using Vivienne’s intimate knowledge of the tea estates and the people who live there, we were able to visit so many places that brought back great memories for my father. We travelled on through Tamil Nadu and into Kerala and every last detail was planned and executed to perfection – no mean feat in India!

This year it was Rajasthan and Vivienne’s attention to detail was faultless. JARVIS JOURNEYS spent so much time making sure that our holiday ran, not only seamlessly, but also had lots of kind personal touches too.  Vivienne was always on hand if we had a question and she put together a trip that took in all the famous highlights and also more original, off-beat things too (for example our night under canvas just South of Jodhpur which was a huge hit with all three generations).

JARVIS JOURNEYS offers not only a great, great holiday but also a kind and very bespoke service that is unbeatable.  The details, logistics and any other stressful aspects are removed leaving you to relax and enjoy this most beautiful and extraordinary country.

The Walton Family,
Northamptonshire, Somerset, Mallorca and Spain!


We had always been attracted to going to India on holiday but where to go, what to see, who to ask?

Then we heard about Jarvis Journeys and all our questions were answered . The reassurance & organisation that we had previously lacked was suddenly there on a plate for us. Vivienne Jarvis was a bottomless source of information, and the fact she personally knew every aspect of where we were going, made the planning exercise hugely enjoyable.

Indeed, it was Viv’s intimate personal knowledge of South India, from having been brought up there, that provided the bedrock of one of the best trips we’ve ever undertaken. There was not one part of the holiday which did not reflect Viv’s personal touch. Our accommodation was always of the highest quality, we were transported in total safety in the company of a charming driver and we visited so many different & fascinating places.

We simply could not recommend our trip any the more and at every stage it was totally apparent that it was Jarvis Journeys’ personal touch, together with their brilliant organisational skills and attention to detail, that were able to provide us with the trip of a lifetime.

Roger and Vanessa Thomas
Huddersfield, UK


An experience that we will treasure and remember for many years!

Our second trip to South India was with Jarvis Journeys and was the experience of a lifetime. The attention to detail and the desire to meet our specification was outstanding, and the advice we received was so obviously based on first hand knowledge and experience that we were totally confident to put ourselves in their hands.

Jarvis Journeys made sure that we were superbly looked after by everyone we met and Vivienne clearly has an extensive network of personal contacts and agents, which ensures a stress and trouble free holiday.

The standard of accommodation that was chosen for us was superb, ranging from 5 star hotels to more simple homestays and delightful heritage colonial bungalows. The level of service from everyone we met was second to none and demonstrated the welcoming and hospitable nature of the South Indian people.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Jarvis Journeys to anyone who is looking to holiday in India and wants an expert, personalised and professional service from someone who really knows the place first hand, to help them get the best out of their time there.

We will certainly be returning!

Lynn and Robin Thornton
Devizes, Wiltshire


I had a truly exciting and exhilarating experience travelling to South India with Jarvis Journeys. I saw so many things I would never have seen if it were not for their experience and knowledge. Even though I was travelling alone, I felt completely safe and looked after every step of the way and I cannot recommend their services more highly.

Mrs C Rowlandson
Richmond upon Thames


Our trip to South India was one of the best holidays we have ever had and remains one of our all time greats. Our amazing experience was due to Jarvis Journeys’ very careful and thoughtful attention to our wishes and needs, in putting together the best itinerary. We were truly able to experience the wonders of southern India.

We had a brilliant driver who stayed with us the whole time and because of Jarvis Journeys’ own internal intelligence and knowledge we avoided so many of the hiccups which can accompany a holiday of this kind.  

We have no hesitation in recommending them and would definitely use Jarvis Journeys again.

Bruce and Roma Hooper
Cobham, Surrey


I had wanted to visit South India for some time and was (fortunately) introduced to Jarvis Journeys – what a revelation.

Jarvis Journeys organised everything with such ease and took all the worry out of the holiday for me. I had the greatest confidence in them as they were so detailed in the planning from start to finish and, having listened carefully to what I wanted, put together the most magical holiday I have ever experienced.

South India is more than I had hoped for with so many beautiful memories, and I will definitely be back – there’s still so much to see and do and enjoy and I know I can rely on Jarvis Journeys to make another detailed plan for another exciting holiday for me.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Mrs Thelma Gill
Chieveley, Berkshire


A Holiday to end all holidays! Thank you so much for organising and arranging such a superb holiday. I had thought there would be great change and certainly that would apply to all towns and cities but the tea estates do not seem to have changed at all and Sinna Dorai bungalow was for me the highlight. Thank you again Viv.

John Walton